“We initially met Larry as a client in need of expert legal immigration advice. However, once the work was successfully completed, we thought that our company might benefit from having some in-house business mentoring. Larry’s acumen and energetic personality made him an ideal candidate to take us through this journey. Larry has precisely the outsider’s view required to shake up the status quo of “business as usual.” Our success and growth are directly linked to the quality of the services provided, excellent client care and reputation as leaders in our field. However, it is equally true that words, beliefs and conversations have a subtle and powerful impact on actions and strategies. Larry would be an asset for any business wanting to achieve extraordinary results.”

Elena Rosa Brunet
Managing Director

“Larry brings a great perspective about finding the unexpected possibility, and using conversation to bring that possibility to life. He helps business people remind themselves that the status quo is all in their head, and bringing that notion to conversation is the key to convincing everyone that breakthroughs are possible.”

Les Klajnscek
Area General Manager,
EMEA Emerging Markets


“Have the odds ever been stacked against you? Has something ever seemed so improbable it hardly seemed worth trying to accomplish? Everyone gets in this box at some point in time. Fortunately, Larry called me to check in as I was in this box. He is the ultimate encourager. In our conversation, I first explained all of the reasons why certain things could not be accomplished. By asking many “what if” questions, he made me see that these obstacles really did not yet exist, but rather were potential negative circumstances and outcomes that might happen. By focusing on the positive steps that could be taken and expecting outcomes far above what one might believe to be the “expected outcome,” a new way of thinking about my specific challenge took shape. This complex business challenge took about a year to solve, and it took a couple of more conversations with Larry to navigate the path. The mission was accomplished, the capital raised, and the jobs preserved.”

Michael Kearney

“There are times in one’s life when you come to a crossroad and need advice. Having Larry, as an advisor and someone to have a conversation with is beneficial beyond words. His intelligence, breadth of knowledge, enthusiasm and openness mean that you learn so much from a brief conversation. He has been instrumental in clarifying my thought process and providing possible ways forward.”

John Morgan
Consularcare Limited


“I’ve had the pleasure of spending some time with Larry, and I can honestly say that his insights and expertise in coaching are remarkable.

James Staring
Certified Personal Trainer at Fit to Last Limited

“For an aspiring leader or one that must grow his/her leadership in order to cause a company’s success, nothing is more important in this day and age than having a great professional coach. I have never connected with a coach the way I did with Larry Hoelscher.

Henry Pettingill
Director of Business Innovation at Noble Energy

“I have worked with Larry over the past few years, to great personal and business success. He is a professional man of integrity of a level I have unfortunately rarely seen in the business sphere. Approachable and amiable, he puts you as the business owner at ease (rather than feeling you are under interrogation, as some consultants might).

Michael Basi
Financial Planner / Director at Basi & Basi Financial Planning Limited

Larry has been a coach, sounding board, and friend for over a decade. His insight and ability to get to the heart of the matter is unparalleled. He has helped me create breakthrough after breakthrough in my career and in my personal life, but the most incredible thing about Larry is that after having a conversation with him, I never fail to walk away with a smile on my face. His ability to spin-up a story from his experience and apply it to any situation in a heart-felt, but on-point, manner is truly amazing. Incredible accomplishment starts with a conversation with Larry.

J. Matthew Firra CPA
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)