Conversation with a banker friend

So, I’ve been having conversations about the Value of a Conversation since starting to seriously focus on writing my book. One such conversation was with a banker friend of mine, as we explored a possible formula for measuring value (reference blog #1). He said, “It’s easy, the value equals the time value of the delta result.”

Yes, if ONLY the conversation produced the result. But, what about the value of the conversation that changed the slope, and the result happened because of all the actions and series of conversations to make it happen?

He then gave me a pearl, when he said, “What’s the value, then, of any conversation?”

This gave me an insight into why I’m conducting this inquiry in the first place. What if every executive, manager, and business owner realized that what they were about to say, and HOW they say it, is going to produce some value? And what if that realization happened 10% more times than it does now?

Wow! Such conversations could elevate human consciousness, and be life altering for the whole planet! Could it be that simple? That we should think before we speak? Certainly, it’s worth considering, since EVERY conversation has the potential of generating significant value. Think about it…

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