Coming Book

The Value of a Conversation will disrupt old patterns and help readers ─ via proven techniques and real-life examples ─ outperform beyond what they ever thought possible.

When businesses plan, they usually start with what they have recently done and extrapolate from there, responding to what others in their organization expect from them. These plans are based on what they think they “should” do, not what they “want” to do..

But what if that wasn’t so? What if you could have a conversation that shifted how you view what’s possible? What if that shift took you to territory you couldn’t have dreamed of before? Now you are probably saying that couldn’t happen for you. How does Larry understand your business, industry, or management, etc. Ultimately, you’ll have to read the book to find out.

The concepts that Larry will present in this book describe revolutionary ways to have a conversation that produces unimaginable results. In fact, he has had these conversations with so many business leaders, so many times, that he has codified the key components of a successful conversation. Yes, there are specific components and particular stages that must be reached if a successful conversation is going to happen…one that gets you really excited, passionate and motivated


The kinds of changes we’re talking about are illustrated in this simple graph. Typically, Larry’s clients already have set goals and started working their plans, and then had a conversation with him that sent them on a different trajectory. Periodic follow-up conversations are necessary to keep the organization on track, but the new path is one no one thought could possibly be achieved…way beyond the normally expected results!

Over the next few months, Larry will be finishing the book and preparing it for publication. In the meantime, watch for excerpts, examples and case studies posted on this website for you to preview. You can also go to KingChapman’s website for more information as well as down-loadable papers and cases. Your comments and feedback are welcome as we head on this journey together.